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Women Attracted to Only Rich Handsome Men Myth

Are women attracted to only rich and good looking men? Most men with average looks and income would have asked this question to themselves at one time or another. The probable reasons why you have thought about this question is because you must have seen :- * Beautiful women dating men who are physically attractive such as having a handsome face with a near perfect alpha male. * The rich and famous, such as wealthy rock stars or rich businessmen dating harems of beautiful women. Because of […]

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Are Women Attracted to Handsome Goodlooking Men

Many websites on the theme of dating and seduction will tell you that you need not be good looking and handsome to attract women. This is because unlike men, girls are attracted by more emotional values and alpha male characteristics rather than merely good looks. But I do not agree. There are many surveys and researches conducted that indicated men are attracted to women by sight and all other feminine attributes are secondary issues. Perhaps, this was how “love at first sight” came about. As such, it […]

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