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Success Starts With Confidence

If you’re like most guys, you’re probably interested in maximizing your chances of success with women. Even if you’re already in a relationship, you want to stay that way, right? In this article, I’ll tell you one of the main reasons why so many men consistently fail with women… and how to fix it. Simply put, it all comes down to one thing: CONFIDENCE. You probably already know that confidence is important… Basically, if you don’t exude a boatload of confidence from the very minute you meet […]

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Are Women Attracted to Handsome Goodlooking Men

Many websites on the theme of dating and seduction will tell you that you need not be good looking and handsome to attract women. This is because unlike men, girls are attracted by more emotional values and alpha male characteristics rather than merely good looks. But I do not agree. There are many surveys and researches conducted that indicated men are attracted to women by sight and all other feminine attributes are secondary issues. Perhaps, this was how “love at first sight” came about. As such, it […]

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What Makes A Man Look Handsome

Women start getting beauty tips as soon as they can walk. They are given bows for their hair, frills for their dresses and fancy little shoes. Women grow up surrounded by an entire industry devoted to teaching them how to look their best. Men are not so lucky. Men are left floundering in the dark, trying to figure out for themselves what is handsome and attractive and what is not. While your job or your hobbies may require you to get down and dirty, it’s not that […]

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